Monday, September 20, 2010

Need Some Home Decorating Inspiration?

I know I have been busy getting re-acclimated to the school schedule, room Mom duties, volunteering, and catching up with people I haven't seen all summer.

I'm starting to look at my house in a new light now that it is empty of kid chaos for longer periods of time. I'm wondering how I can make some changes, big and small to make it look more "done", and less thrown together.

I found this site: This website allows you to browse pictures of homes/rooms that have been submitted by architects and home designers. You can save your favorite ideas in your own "idea books".

I have literally spent hours looking for inspiration. Yes, I know, I could have spent those hours de-cluttering. But now I have a few "idea books" brewing, so that when the Mr. says "What are you trying to do here?", I can just show him the picture.