Friday, March 28, 2008

New Earrings!

I'm so excited about these new earrings that I'm making! I found these really fun multi-swarovski crystal balls! They are my absolute (new) favorite. This aqua color really caught my eye, but I have pink and smoky grey too. They look so good on either the leverback or the hoop. I dress them up or just wear them with jeans. They are available in my Etsy shop!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Fair Fish

I am happy to report that my "fair" fish...(actually won at a state fair in that ping pong ball toss game) years ago have survived the winter. I remember standing on the ice over the winter and watching them swim underneath me. I'm surprized that their little bodies weren't I felt even though I had many layers on. They are well and from what I can tell are no worse for the wear. I love to watch graceful and fluid. I love to see the many different patterns of orange and white. Each one is different. I'm facinated with my fish.

Makes me think (again) that there are so many signs of hope at this time of year.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Is it possible to be offended, insulted and intrigued all at the same time? The answer is YES!

A friend of a friend who is in the military gave my son an MRE (meal ready to eat). I was Offended by what ooozed out of the package, Insulted that he liked it BETTER than what I had prepared for dinner, and Intrigued by all of the instructions/packaging of the thing. My son actually called it chicken tetra-cuisine-y.

Here's what I'm walking away with: My son could survive on practically anything, he's NOT a picky eater, and there is absolutely NO reason to complain about the dinners that I make.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I am So Ready for Spring

It's mud season! I love that line from Toot and Puddle's book. Perfectly approprite for this time of year. Another thing that I love about this time of year is waiting for the first hints of red in the stems of the maple trees (best seen from a distance). It really breaks up the grey and definitely means that warmer days are on the way. I am a firm believer that we would not apprecite the glory of spring with out it being preceeded by a few miserable months of wetness and cold.

Time for a change now...getting excited about all of the newness of spring.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Here's proof that a cardboard box and some markers are more entertaining than most toys. My son went fishing yesterday and I wish I could have bottled the giggles. What fun he had!

The other kids made sure that his "boat" was well equipped with an anchor, a lifeguard's ring and lots of food inside (candy and apples).

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Day Baking Bread

I spent a few hours today baking the most beautiful, delicious bread. Thanks to my good friend, who invited me to accompany her to the baking class. The guy who taught the class told the most wonderful stories about the history of bread...quite facinating, really. Bread baking allowed a society that could travel. Bread was also the cause of many quarrels and outright wars, the reason that the first paved roads were built, and also was a huge reason for the rise of many an empire.

What I was most struck by was how energetic this guy was about his bread...he knew everything you'd ever want to know and more about bread (If bread could be a religion, it was his! was Sunday morning...after all.) . He even urged us all to go forth and continue the legacy of bread making with our own families so that it would not become a lost art.

I think about my involvement with Etsy...the all wares are handmade site, and pat myself on the back for supporting the art and passion of many people so that it doesn't become "lost".

Friday, March 14, 2008

So Here's the Idea

I am totally intriged with the interchangeable idea. I make earrings that can be interchanged...means that you can switch the "dangle" part on the earring. I also have 2 earring "bases" either the sterling silver leverback, or the sterling silver hoop...they all fit perfectly together and the look of each is entirely different.

My husband..the glass blower....makes handmade beads for a sterling silver ring that I carry. The glass beads are so different and facinating. They are like little worlds unto daughter usually names them: moon smoke, morning fern, fire breathing dragon.

I like it that you can make a small change to your earring or to your ring, and that change makes a huge difference. It's easy, it quick, and it's wallet-friendly collectable art.

The idea of change is unsettling for some, but I say let's embrace the constant state of flux that we are all in. It's just a little day by day...and you can get comfortable with that right? Let's change to make it better, simpler and more joyful!

Monday, March 10, 2008

So This is the Beginning

So This is the Beginning
I'm all about beginnings...they are full of so much hope and great expectations and..Joy. I'm all about Joy...what makes you happy?..What is your passion? This site is about passions and sharing my enthusiasm for things that I really like and hopefully to inspire and encourage others to follow their dreams -however big or small they are!