Thursday, December 24, 2009

Finally, Christmas for the Sisters

After several cancellations, we finally pulled it off!  You may remember that last year the "sisters" had a gift exchange.  The rules were: the gift had to be hand-made, and it had to cost no more than $10 in materials, less is better!   This year, we are mixing it up, and decided to make ornaments for one another. You'd think that this would be easy. NOT. It seemed exceptionally hard for some of us to settle on an idea.  Several had failed attempts, and scrapped projects, I'd like to share the finished projects with you:

The Treat Girl Made this sweet framed photo of all of us.  The back is Hand Stamped, AND she threw in a Thankful Jar.  More on that later!

Juniper over at Hope Studios painted a light bulb, Yes, a light make this super sweet snowman!

Girl in the Sticks looked high and low for paper that was shiny on one side to print our picture on, THEN, cafefully cut it into strips to make this beautiful ornament.

Marzipan said that she made knew right away what she was going to make.  She used to make these when she was a child out of Christmas Cards that her family had received.  What a nice rememberance.

I picked up these cute birdhouses from the dollar store.

Found some hemlock pine cones and birch bark in my backyard, then got the glue gun going.

With a little mod podge, glitter and a sweet sparkly bird that I found in a cute shop, my birdhouse ornaments were done!

I'm always awed by the creativity in this group. Thank You, Thank you! I will treasure these ornaments, and your friendship forever.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Get a Personal Message from The Big Guy for your Little Ones

The Treat Girl told me about this site.  It's pretty cute, after completing a simple questionare, a personal video message is emailed to you directly from The Big Guy.  That's right, Santa himself sits down and has a little chat with your little ones.  The personal details are sure to make a believer out of the skeptics out there!

Click HERE to make your own.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An Easy Snowman Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Now this would make any Grandama smile.  Especially if it was given to her by her sweet grandchild. 

And, it would make a Mom smile if it bought a few extra minutes to wrap that last gift or bake one last batch of cookies!

Here's what you'll need:  Clear Christmas Balls.  Mine are Iridescent.

You'll need some puffy fabric paint to make a snowman face.  The puffy paint is great because it adds an extra dimension.  A Sharpie works just fine too.

Finish drawing your face, and then you are ready to stuff.
I found this easter grass that is iridescent and matched well with my ornament.  I just took a small bunch and pushed it into the open end of the ornament with a pencil eraser.

I had the kids stuff theirs with mini marshmallows.

I'd add some ribbon details, and maybe even a top hat made from a toilet parer roll if I had more time.
The kids LOVE these. 

If you have a fun Christmas Ornament that you've made, LINK UP to the Party over at Hope Studios!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Trip to Marcus Studio

Have you ever just discovered an artist that is just so fresh and inspiring that you just want to tell everyone about your new discovery? 

And then you find out that this artist has been doing this for years.  Their art is WHO THEY ARE.  And that's even more impressive.  They are not chasing a trend, they design and build from their soul. 

Such is the story of furniture maker and artist Craig Marcus.  He has a beautiful showroom in Pittsburgh's East End.  He makes custom made furniture with an artist's eye.  He builds tables and chairs from woods that you can't even pronounce.  His work gleams in his modern and completely comfortable gallery.
Craig also expresses himself on paper.  I am lucky enough to have recieved as a gift a print of one of his first paintings.  I was thrilled when I saw a whole wall filled with similar paintings (see the top photo.)  The print always makes me happy, and I'm so glad that he is persuing what makes him happy too. 

A trip to the 6545 Gallery is sure to offer inspiration. (Call ahead for a personal appointment).  CLICK HERE for directions, hours, and an opportunity to browse his latest works.

The DIY Showoff Has a Winner

I'm so pleased to have contributed to the DIY Showoff's HUGE Giveaway
We have a winner, and she's getting this ring2sisters2gether is sure to love this chunky, one of a kind wooden ring with a fused glass flower.  The best part is that one sister won, and she's giving it to the OTHER sister!  Now that is one great sister! 
These rings are available in my Etsy Shop!  CLICK HERE for last minute Holiday Gifts!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Nothing Says "Merry Christmas" Better than a Hot Steaming Pile of Poo

I had to stop my car in the middle of the street for this one.  Yes, I checked to make sure that I wasn't going to get rear ended!  What a comment on the whole Christmas season, yet how festive. 

I'm not sure how many of you out there would immediately recognize a manure spreader. This family really has a sense of humor.  I love the effect with the lights...the green "pile" in the spreader is...well, you know.  And, the most precious part is all of the lighted loop-de-loops as the "manure" gets hurled off of the back! 

What an ingenious way to showcase great old farm machinery, and to SPREAD holiday cheer!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm Making Friends at The Library Again

My kids beg me to go to the library.  This is a good thing, I've made going there part of their childhood.  We go there for storytime, we participate in the summer reading program, we know the librarians by name. 

The thing is, when we go, my kids go crazy picking out books.  The maximum number of books that you are allowed to check out at one time used to be 20. I was so pleased when they raised that number to 25.  The books the kids choose are usually picture books, short stories from the children's section.  And, the thing is, at least one of my kids usually reads them all!  The librarians just force a smile and make comments like: "What good readers". 

If you'd really like to get the stink-eye from a sweet librarian, go over your 25 book maximum, and THEN pull out one of your kid's library cards, and start loading that up!  I always do feel a tinge of guilt at all of that re-sorting and re-shelving that those ladies have to do beacuse of me.  But then again, maybe it's job security!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Psst...Want Some Good Make It Yourself Christmas Gift Ideas?

Head on over to Hope Studios today.  She's having a linky party, and there are tons of great ideas to make and do. Link one up from your collection.  We all need good ideas! I'd love to try some of her Lemoncello. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hello Lego...

My guys play a lot with Lego. I have issues with keeping all of the sets together.  All Moms know that if you lose a piece, (or vaccuum one, perhaps), that boyhood devistation follows.  I have a friend that diligently buys dollar store bins for each set.  Oh, how I wish I were that organized.  I've got ripped open lego boxes, taped together with flaps agape.  I wonder why we have a stray piece now and then?

My favorite part of my boys playing with lego is this:  They both call the instructions "CONSTRUCTIONS".  It's the perfect word for lego instructions!  Now, I'm off to trademark the word and when Lego wants to buy it from me.....Hello, New Car!