Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Cup of Tea: Christmas Ornament

Last year, my friends and I made ornaments for one another, and they all were so special and unique, and they carry so many memories for me.

As I was putting up my "pretty tree" in the entry a few weeks ago, I was hanging all of my precious ornaments.

I thought I'd be so much fun to keep up the tradition, so we made each other some more for this year's memories.

I saw this cute little tea cup at Ikea.  It's an expresso cup, really, but it's so small it's almost like a child's tea set in size.

I thought about how nice it is at times to have a cup of tea with my friends, and an idea for an ornament was born. 

I glued the cup and the saucer together with super glue.  Then I used white glue placed in a baggie with the corner snipped, and made designs of snowflakes and a first initail on the cup,  like you'd pipe on icing. Then I liberally sprinkled on glitter. The next step was the tea  bag.  I had to "scale down" a regular tea bag, because a regular sized one looked too big with  this tiny cup.  I just snipped it apart, and made it smaller, being sure to staple it back together the same way that it came apart. Then, dip the tea bag in mod podge, and set it near the cup to dry. I tied a ribbon around the handle to hang it from. I replaced the standard tea label with one of my own: " Merry Christmas 2010"!