Friday, May 30, 2008

My Value

After an entire day of "not being able to think in a straight line" (my quote...and could be my motto), I come home to This: My (loving and understanding) husband printed off a Mom's Salary Wizard. ( It turns out that I'm worth almost $140,000! My housekeeping, cooking, child care ,staff RN, logistics analyst, event planner, facilities manager and psychologist skills have now been assigned a value! Somehow this makes me take a little more pride in what I do...I think this "job"/lifestyle choice is a lot harder than most people imagine. Now, I'm off to use my sales skills to persuade my kids that it's a good idea to get out of bed!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Graduation Day

There's something about pre-school graduation. There's nothing good about it. Ok, so the kid is getting older, accomplishing way more, becoming more independent, blah, blah. Is anyone ever truly happy about it? I'll eat ice cream cake for just about any occasion, but this is not my preferred choice of events. Am I the only one that thinks this is sad? And the topper is that you are supposed to act like it's a huge big deal and give it the old "I'm so happy for you, I'm so proud of you" while holding back the tears. Such mixed messages...I guess my kids will get have to get used to the fact that Mom has a hard time letting go....

Teacher's Gifts

So, here are my kid's teacher's gifts....Flower pendants. The teacher's went wild! These are white flowers on a colored piece of glass, a sterling coated bail, and a leather strap with a faceted black bead on the end of the adjustable length chain.

My daughter stamped and colored the envelopes, and made the tags herself.

They are so summery...I think I'm going to make matching rings!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Up until yesterday, there was only one thing on my "Things I Can't Have in My House" list..(because I will eat it ALL...down to the very last crumb, and I'm ashamed to say that I will actually lick the plate). The only thing on that list until yesterday was Costco's Chocolate Cake. (It is capitalized because it is so special.) Yesterday I had to add my friend's Baklava. Sticky, gooey, nutty and pastry crunchy...WOW. Check her out at

Give Me an "M"!

Hey look at my new Typewriter Key Necklace! I just love it! My friend makes them and they are available in her Etsy shop. Get 'em while they last! They are so fun.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Field Full of Wishes

Here's a field of weeds, and any good gardener or husband yearning for the perfect lawn would crindge at the sight.

Here's my kids' take on it: "Look how lucky they are , they have a whole field full of wishes!"

I'm assuming that everyone blew on dandelions to make wishes as a kid, right? If all of the seeds are gone after you have blown, then your wish will come true.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Additions to My SALE

I have just added lots of new options to my earring dangle collection. Remember, these dangles are interchangeable with either the sterling leverback or the sterling hoop that are both in my Esty shop ( All of these items are all still 25% off till the end of the month! (With the mention of this blog.) I'm excited to add some new looks...some new colors.... Don't forget those wonderful teachers that we all need gifts for!

My Book is Costing Me!

So this is where my organizational book is getting me: Look at the new shelves in my daughter's room! Bins for toys, shelves for books! I'm so pleased with the lack of a stack-O-crap! I got these at Target and put them together yesterday. They went together easily and even my former furniture-maker husband thought they were OK.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My Favorite

My house is full of beautiful roses for Mother's Day (thanks to my loving husband). The house smells great (thanks to the lillies in the arrangement that my Mother-in-law sent). But, this was my favorite. My son went to a sporting event last night and this was on my counter this morning. A slightly crumpled, gerber daisy. I can just imagine it jammed under the seat at the arena, him trying to shelter it until he got home. His small hand gripping the long stem, carrying it all the way to the car, and remembering to look under the seat before he left, and remembering to get it out of the car when he got home. And finding the perfect vase (glass) to put it in, and sleepily writing the note. And him knowing that I would love it, and that he would think enough of me to be troubled with all of this.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Flowers from Friends

Flowers from friends are often the best...because they are completely unexpected and you know they come with no expectations....just to be enjoyed. Thank You.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May and Mother's Day SALE

M is for May and Mother's day. In honor of all of you in the trenches (And Joys) of motherhood, and all of you who have been there, and all of you who would like to be there someday, this sale is for you. I consider us Moms unsung heroes, whose work often goes unrecognized. This is a little recognition for a job well done. Your Mom, your Mother-in-Law or yourself may appreciate a little sparkle this Mother's Day. All of the items in my shop at are 20% off (WITH THE MENTION OF THIS BLOG) for the whole month!
I'm extending the sale for the whole month in order to recogognize and include some other unsung heroes (and often Moms): Teachers! Yes, we are reaching the end of the school year and wouldn't it be nice to thank them with a little something special. After all, they have had the pleasure to be in your little Johnny (or Jane)'s presence all year too (180 days...but who's counting!) For those of you who haven't been able to stop in for awhile, I have added some some great gift items to my collection. In addition to new interchangeable earring styles, and new beads for the interchangeable rings, I have added leather picture book keychains.
I hope you all enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable Mother's Day (full of compliments and praise, of course).

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Hummmmm

I'm not sure what's going on here but I have never seen the cherry trees so heavy with blossoms. The smell is so sweet.

When I stepped under the tree today to take this picture, I was stopped in my tracks but the sound of the bees...having a field day! I just love to see bees hard at their work. I was reading this winter about how the bee population is under a lot of stress and is dwindling. I'm not sure if the general population has any idea that the loss of bees would have a huge impact on nearly everything that we eat. I'm glad to have them here.

What Mom wouldn't smile?

Here's one that just melts the hearts of Moms. My son was a very busy guy today...outside all day. I was doing some planting, but mostly weeding. Minding the kids, but not hovering by any means. I came out of the garage and saw this (picture). The bucket is full of water and tadpoles! What a Boy! How Fun. It just made me glad to get a little glimpse into the joys of being a boy and discovering tadpoles!