Monday, May 12, 2008

My Favorite

My house is full of beautiful roses for Mother's Day (thanks to my loving husband). The house smells great (thanks to the lillies in the arrangement that my Mother-in-law sent). But, this was my favorite. My son went to a sporting event last night and this was on my counter this morning. A slightly crumpled, gerber daisy. I can just imagine it jammed under the seat at the arena, him trying to shelter it until he got home. His small hand gripping the long stem, carrying it all the way to the car, and remembering to look under the seat before he left, and remembering to get it out of the car when he got home. And finding the perfect vase (glass) to put it in, and sleepily writing the note. And him knowing that I would love it, and that he would think enough of me to be troubled with all of this.

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