Friday, April 25, 2008

Could this be the Beginning of a Bumper Crop?

I hope so! This is one of my 4 or 5 Quince bushes. The flowers are amazing and look very similar to apple blossoms but without the smell. The bushes are branchy with big thorns. Quinces are something you either covet, or have never heard of. They ripen in the fall and are gnarly light green and yellow hard fruits..if you can call them that. They are difficult to work with. But, they have the most unusual citrus flavor and make the most beautiful bronze colored jelly. It's prized at my house. I love the contradictions that the quince offers: beautiful flowers from woody, thorny stems. Wonderful tasting fruit from shriveled, nasty looking fruits.

More later on other contradictions that I love!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Webkinz Collar Order

I wanted to share with you the latest Webkinz Collar order that I just filled. They are so much fun to create..and the kids enjoy them as much as I do. I was thinking last night that these would be great to attatch to a "special" stuffed know the one they can't live without...and add contact information. (Just in case the "lovey" gets left at pre-school, on the park bench, or in the grocery cart...or anywhere else your daily travels might take you.) We are all familiar with the frantic late night search for the ONE THING that they can't sleep without right?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So here's how it goes down...they (the kids) distract me with an endless barage of wants, needs, desires and demands....I frantically try to meet their needs or explain why I'm not doing as they ask or ask them to ask in a nicer way or tell them I'll do it in a minute,after I complete requests one and two... AND THEN I DISCOVER THIS: (see picture: Yes those are perfect little bite marks) Don't tell they don't know what they're doing!

Spinning My Wheels

As my Mom would say.....This is why I can't seem to get anything done. The kids found this craft kit in the closet this morning and asked to "do it". So, the old Mom guilt kicked in, and I dragged out the sewing machine and convinced myself that this will only take 1/2 and hour and it will be worth it. The little bags are all loaded up with lip gloss and matchbox cars now and I've got 20 min. to get some makeup on, do something with my hair, get dressed and get the dishes out of the sink. (You know, and put the toaster away before noon). Goota GOOOOOO....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Alone Time

It's funny how I cherish the very little alone time that I get...and I mean without feeling guilty or feeling like I should be doing something else, taking care of someone/something else. I had a moment of clarity last night and man, did it feel good to be single-focused! My daugher whacked me with a tennis raquet by accident and I got to drive myself to the E.R to get stitches. I got to read the outdated magazines there (with one eye, the other was iced). I even got to talk to adults about non-kid issues. The discharge nurse suggested that I call Hubby and tell him that the E.R. was very busy, then go shopping!

Absolutely Organized

So I was at Barnes and Noble picking up something that my daughter needed and I picked up this book....Absolutely Organized. Strategically put on a table near the check-out with all of the Mother's Day selections. I put it back, then picked it up know how it goes. You think do I really need this? Could it really help? Then I read the back cover: "Do you run non-stop and never feel like you accomplish anything? Feel stressed out at home? Dream about doing things that you never get around to doing? ....Absolutely Organized is a book full of tips and hope for overworked, time-crunched, clutter-crushed moms." OK, I'm IN. I'll have to keep you updated on all of the great tips. I'll be so organized that I'll be blogging daily! (Ha) And, things will be running so smoothly around here that even a frutrating 2 hour computer set back won't even put a dent in my day! OK, back to reality....


So I have been having lots of trouble accessing my blog and Ebay! I get a window that pops up and tells me that I need to allow cookies. Well I don't know whose sticky little fingers disallowed them in the first place but I'm still having trouble. (I'm using a different computer right now).

The big question is why are they called cookies? Is there something good here that I'm missing? Cookies are good, warm, moist, chewy and full of chocolate the way I like them. There is not an adjective that I would use that would be the same to describe my computer problems. Frustrating, annoying and time-consuming come to mind!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fabulous Frame

A good very good friend of mine has been very successful making these personalized frames. Each one is so unique and meaningful...she customizes them all. I got this one for my parents...I framed a sepia picture of them from my wedding. They absolutely loved it and it brought tears to their eyes and to mine. I was so glad to have given them something that was so meaningful to them and to me.

My friend has really got something here...In a world of quick and abundant consumerism, she has slowed the pace a little and we are all better for it. The customer is afforded the opportunity to choose a meaningful and personal passage, song or poetry. My friend then creates a beautuful, textured, one of a kind piece. Each one is a little different because each is custom and hand made. She has been able to connect with and touch so many lives through her abundant creativity and talent. I wish her much more success and fulfillment through her art.

You can see and her most current work at:

Collar Order

Check out these Webkinz Collars! I got the order last week and wanted to share how sweet they turned out. I'm sure the kids will go nuts for them...they ARE Webkinz related, right! I think that they are getting them for a job well done on their report cards....let's just cross our fingers that they did well enough to earn these!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Treasury

I finally got a Treasury on Etsy! For those of you who aren't familiar, It's a personal list of "My Favorite Things" ...makes you feel a little like Martha Stewart! Treasury's are hard to get because there are only so many lists that Etsy will allow at a certain time. Mine is called "Joy", 3 letters that mean a lot to me! Check it out here:

Webkinz Crazy

My kids have been absolutely obsessed with Webkinz. I remember buying the first one over a year ago and thinking that this fad would be over by Christmas! Well, I was wrong. Ganz has done an amazing job marketing these virtual releases, hard to find animals, collectors items. My kids have more than I care to count. Every birthday and holiday, it is a sure-thing gift for my kids.

We usually get them for other kids for the many birthday parties that we attend. Naming them and getting them online is a big deal. Then my light bulb goes off!: How about a PERSONALIZED collar for your pet! My kids LOVE them, and it's a nice personal touch for a gift. I can personalize the name on the tag and the colors used. I have fuchsia, light pink and green collars to choose from. I also add a sparkly bead of your choice. They are really unique and all of the kids in my neighborhood want about yours?