Thursday, April 24, 2008

Webkinz Collar Order

I wanted to share with you the latest Webkinz Collar order that I just filled. They are so much fun to create..and the kids enjoy them as much as I do. I was thinking last night that these would be great to attatch to a "special" stuffed know the one they can't live without...and add contact information. (Just in case the "lovey" gets left at pre-school, on the park bench, or in the grocery cart...or anywhere else your daily travels might take you.) We are all familiar with the frantic late night search for the ONE THING that they can't sleep without right?

1 comment:

the treat girl said...

Hi!!!......when did you start with these little cuties???!!!!.....I LOVE them!!!!!....and I know my little guy would love one!!!!!!!!