Thursday, December 24, 2009

Finally, Christmas for the Sisters

After several cancellations, we finally pulled it off!  You may remember that last year the "sisters" had a gift exchange.  The rules were: the gift had to be hand-made, and it had to cost no more than $10 in materials, less is better!   This year, we are mixing it up, and decided to make ornaments for one another. You'd think that this would be easy. NOT. It seemed exceptionally hard for some of us to settle on an idea.  Several had failed attempts, and scrapped projects, I'd like to share the finished projects with you:

The Treat Girl Made this sweet framed photo of all of us.  The back is Hand Stamped, AND she threw in a Thankful Jar.  More on that later!

Juniper over at Hope Studios painted a light bulb, Yes, a light make this super sweet snowman!

Girl in the Sticks looked high and low for paper that was shiny on one side to print our picture on, THEN, cafefully cut it into strips to make this beautiful ornament.

Marzipan said that she made knew right away what she was going to make.  She used to make these when she was a child out of Christmas Cards that her family had received.  What a nice rememberance.

I picked up these cute birdhouses from the dollar store.

Found some hemlock pine cones and birch bark in my backyard, then got the glue gun going.

With a little mod podge, glitter and a sweet sparkly bird that I found in a cute shop, my birdhouse ornaments were done!

I'm always awed by the creativity in this group. Thank You, Thank you! I will treasure these ornaments, and your friendship forever.


the treat girl said...

No THANK YOU!!!!!! Merry Christmas!!! I loooove them all!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Very cool update, I haven't even uploaded my pics yet!

marzipanmom said...

Another great soul sisters Christmas party! Thank you all for the beautiful and creative ornaments!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Dang, you guys are a clever bunch!

Anonymous said...