Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The DIY Showoff Has a Winner

I'm so pleased to have contributed to the DIY Showoff's HUGE Giveaway
We have a winner, and she's getting this ring2sisters2gether is sure to love this chunky, one of a kind wooden ring with a fused glass flower.  The best part is that one sister won, and she's giving it to the OTHER sister!  Now that is one great sister! 
These rings are available in my Etsy Shop!  CLICK HERE for last minute Holiday Gifts!


2sisters said...

Thanks for the darling ring, Micki is going to love it!

The DIY Show Off said...

Congratulations to Teri! I wish she was my sister!

Thank you Marjorie for your generosity and help. You're awesome!



2sisters said...

Micki said I had to tell you that she was the first generous one! A couple of months ago she won her first (and only) blog giveaway of a darling owl pillow that I wanted so bad (I entered 5 different times, she entered once and won, go figure). She generously gave me the pillow. Lol! I guess it's a trend. I really do have an awesome sister! Thanks for the beautiful ring! (btw, this was MY first blog giveaway win :)