Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm Making Friends at The Library Again

My kids beg me to go to the library.  This is a good thing, I've made going there part of their childhood.  We go there for storytime, we participate in the summer reading program, we know the librarians by name. 

The thing is, when we go, my kids go crazy picking out books.  The maximum number of books that you are allowed to check out at one time used to be 20. I was so pleased when they raised that number to 25.  The books the kids choose are usually picture books, short stories from the children's section.  And, the thing is, at least one of my kids usually reads them all!  The librarians just force a smile and make comments like: "What good readers". 

If you'd really like to get the stink-eye from a sweet librarian, go over your 25 book maximum, and THEN pull out one of your kid's library cards, and start loading that up!  I always do feel a tinge of guilt at all of that re-sorting and re-shelving that those ladies have to do beacuse of me.  But then again, maybe it's job security!


Jennifer Juniper said...

I think they love to see kids that love books more than they hate to put them away!

marzipanmom said...

Then there's me who takes out 25 picture books and then renews them 4 times! I'm sure they love me too!

the treat girl said...

I was totally into the librairy when I was little.....that is one Mom area where I am lacking...I have to make more of an effort with Cubby!