Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Day Baking Bread

I spent a few hours today baking the most beautiful, delicious bread. Thanks to my good friend, who invited me to accompany her to the baking class. The guy who taught the class told the most wonderful stories about the history of bread...quite facinating, really. Bread baking allowed a society that could travel. Bread was also the cause of many quarrels and outright wars, the reason that the first paved roads were built, and also was a huge reason for the rise of many an empire.

What I was most struck by was how energetic this guy was about his bread...he knew everything you'd ever want to know and more about bread (If bread could be a religion, it was his! was Sunday morning...after all.) . He even urged us all to go forth and continue the legacy of bread making with our own families so that it would not become a lost art.

I think about my involvement with Etsy...the all wares are handmade site, and pat myself on the back for supporting the art and passion of many people so that it doesn't become "lost".

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