Friday, March 14, 2008

So Here's the Idea

I am totally intriged with the interchangeable idea. I make earrings that can be interchanged...means that you can switch the "dangle" part on the earring. I also have 2 earring "bases" either the sterling silver leverback, or the sterling silver hoop...they all fit perfectly together and the look of each is entirely different.

My husband..the glass blower....makes handmade beads for a sterling silver ring that I carry. The glass beads are so different and facinating. They are like little worlds unto daughter usually names them: moon smoke, morning fern, fire breathing dragon.

I like it that you can make a small change to your earring or to your ring, and that change makes a huge difference. It's easy, it quick, and it's wallet-friendly collectable art.

The idea of change is unsettling for some, but I say let's embrace the constant state of flux that we are all in. It's just a little day by day...and you can get comfortable with that right? Let's change to make it better, simpler and more joyful!

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