Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Well, They are Gone

My kids are off to school today.
I'm feeling a bit lost as I do every year.  More sad for myself than for them...they are off with their friends on new adventures.  I'm left with what I forgot to do, (pack snacks for my youngest two), what I wanted to do (have an unhurried morning) and lots of chores and organization that require more effort than I'm capable of right now.

It doesn't help that I think I'm coming down with a head cold.  I had a cup of coffee, so I can't go back to bed.  I feel like watching TLC all day, but that's not very productive, is it?

I've got lots of exciting projects and catching up to do here.  Can't wait to share all that has been going on.  I hope you'll understand why I took the summer off once I get into the move, the renovation of my 100 year old house, our amazing trip, and so much more!

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the treat girl said...

Miss you tons, soul sister :( Can't wait to get caught up!!