Friday, March 9, 2012

"Be True" Upcycled T-Shirt Scarf

 I made this easy scarf recently using an old t-shirt, some bleach, a sharpie and embrodery thread.

I have a friend who was a little blue.  She's been going through some difficult times lately, and we were just talking about how she is trying to live by the mantra: "To Thine Own Self Be True". 
We all know how easily we put ourselves last on the list for any attention, pampering, lunch.... (fill in the blank).

So, I made her this little lightweight t-Shirt scarf from a soft old shirt I came across.
Cut a long rectangle. (you can use a scarf you currently have as a guide) make it long or short depending on how you like it.

Cut strips of the fabric (6) to sew along the ends. 

Take a q-tip dipped in bleach and gently apply the bleach to the edges of the strips.  (The bleaching process takes awhile-don't get discouraged if the color seems a bit off at first).

Then take embroidery thread and stitch each strip to the ends of the scarf. I like the stitches chunky and uneven...handmade.

Lastly, add a personal message with sharpie along one of the stripes.  If you kind of "dab" on the sharpie, it gives a weathered charcoal type of look.

 Wrap yourself in the reminder to follow your dreams, and be true to yourself!


Jennifer Juniper said...

I always love this look and the bleached edges makes a nice contrast!

Deanna said...

Great mantra- love the scarf!

the treat girl said...

Great job!! Looks super cute :)

by Michelle said...

Just came across your blog looking for ideas on how to use a sack of old tshirts that I gleaned from my husband's gym drawer (all of the arms have been cut off so I can't donate them) and I've already gleaned a few ideas from your site. Now following you! Have a great day!