Friday, April 13, 2012

Gnome, Anyone?

My amazing cousisn made these Gnomes for a party recently.  What says spring better than a sweet, jovial, sometimes mischievous Gnome?

 Her daughter made the background "villiage" using heavy paper and crayons. Very fun.

So, here's how to make your own Gnomes at home:
You'll need:
Sugar cones, icing, twizzlers in various colors, jelly belly jelly beans, mini chocolate chips and 2 sizes of cupcakes (mini and regular), white chocolate discs for melting, colored sugar.

For the hats: cover the sugar cone in white chocolate and roll in colored sugar.
The body:  a mini cupcake set upside-down on top of the regular cupcake.
The arms: twizzlers the the end clipped enough to jam a jelly belly "hand".
The face: 2 mini chocolate chips for eyes and a jelly belly for the nose.
Lots of icing piped all over for the beard and hair.

I especially liked the tiny mushrooms sprinkled on the tray ( made from gum drops and tiny cake/cookie decorative balls).  The green "grass" is colored shreaded coconut.

They tasted good too!


Jennifer Juniper said...

She's alive!!!

I love gnomes! My dad had a gnome book written like they were real and

I totally thought there were gnomes in our yard - they disguise their footprints to look like bird's footprints, and live at the base of trees, you know :)

Deanna said...

These are so cute!

the treat girl said...

Adorable!!!!!!!! I wouldn't want to eat them :)