Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween is Like The Prom for Little Kids

I love Halloween.  I love it for the kids, their excitement is contagious.  I remember as a kid feeling sort of sick with excitement the night of Halloween.  Mom always made us eat dinner before we went, it was always spaghetti (because prep time was fast), and I can remember that full, queezy feeling. 

I was thinking this year that Halloween is like the Prom for Little Kids:  You start thinking about what you are going to wear in August, you plan and plan about who you are going to go with, you get to wear something special, something unlike yourself.  And, you get to decide what kind of presentation you'll make.   

It's also a little like Prom because the excitement is in the planning, and the anticipation.  Sure, there is fun the night of, but sometimes things don't go as planned.  Even the littlest thing can cause disappointment.
My kids are already planning for next year, when it will be bigger and better!


Denise @ Life on Stepping Stone Lane said...

This is so true!! In fact my oldest has already BOUGHT hers and my grand daughter's costumes for next year! And you know what's funny? We always ate spaghetti on Halloween when I was a kid, too!

the treat girl said...

This year Halloween day was crazy with our last soccer game in the am...the Superbowl football game in the afternoon...then a party in the evening....Cubby was the only one trick or treating this year....thank goodness the day was so crazy and it didn't sink in the older two didn't go ...or I certainly would have been crying!!!! But on the upside....just 1/3 the amount of candy in the house!

Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

So true! And now my "big kids" are more excited about Halloween than the prom, I think! Instaed of wearing the home-made mom costumes- they spend money!
I gave you an award! Come by and see!