Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Brilliant, Beautiful and Delicious Cake

There are 5 family birthdays in the month of October, and I hosted a giant birthday party for all of them.  I was pretty stressed out, and handed over the cake responsibility to Marzipan.  I gave her a general "calendar" kind of theme, and just LOOK what came out of her kitchen!

To feed 20 or so, Marzipan made a double layer square cake.  The bottom layer was chocolate with an amazing vanilla icing, the top was vanilla cake with scruptious milk chocolate icing.  She tried to tell me how much butter was in it, but I plugged my ears. 

Since she had the 4 sides to work with on the bottom layer, she wrote (a word per side) "Happy Birthdays In October" and for the top cake with 5 sides, she wrote each person's name, and their birthday date.  We call the kid's grandfather "Pop", so for him, she wrote "Pop On Top", since he is the family's patriarch.  It was so perfect.  So delicious.  Everyone asked for business cards. 

Marzipan takes orders, you know!  Email her for some truly amazing baked goods for your next event.


Jennifer Juniper said...

It really is the perfect cake for your particular birthday situation :)

marzipanmom said...

Thanks for the wonderful review! Not bad for a first attempt, although I would do some things differently. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the cake! I'll be taking cookie orders for Christmas too!

the treat girl said...

I couldn't be more impressed!!! She is TRULY AMAZING!!!!