Monday, October 19, 2009

A Little Girl's Birthday Spa Party Tutorial

I asked my little girl what kind of Birthday Party she'd like to have this year. She thought about it for awhile, and settled on the idea of having a Spa Party. Here's how the spa all came together:

First, I had my recent 7 year old spell out a sign for her spa. One letter to each 9X11 sheet of paper. I then used a paper punch at the top corners of the sheets and strung them from some yarn across the doorway to the "Spa". We added a wall of walk-through streamers for a fun "doorway". I then strung a piece of plastic tablecloth across the front, and Birthday Girl made a "closed" sign, so that I could work in secret behind the curtain.

I taped 3 plastic tablecloths (from the dollar store) to the floor to protect the rug from nail polish and bubbly foot baths. I then used painter's tape in different colors to spell out the name of the Spa. I added some balloons and sprinkled dollar store rose petals.

I used an old school desk as a manicure station. Note the use of the plastic tablecloth again, for color and for protection from polish spills. I also had a pedicure station. (I used disposable aluminum pans as foot baths.) The girls got facials. (I applied a clay mask and cucumber slices to their eyes as they relaxed to the soft music.)

I put together treat bags in the form of cosmetic bags (Found them at (guess where?!) the dollar store..Pretty cute, huh?) I included some soap, a puff, lip glosses, and a tiny pedicure set.

I made a special party drink by combining equal parts of lemonade and sprite, then I floated some lemon slices in the container. I served the refreshments in sparkly plastic water glasses with a strawberry garnish.
The girls all had such a great time, relaxing and chatting about all that is important in the world of a 7 year old. This was a great, inexpensive party idea that the girls just loved.


Becky DeVries said...

cute cute!! greatjob!

the treat girl said...

The PER.FECT Party!! Looooovvve your "lemonade jar" :) ....I might have to feature it on What is it Wednesday!!

marzipanmom said...

All that hard work really paid off! And you made some wonderful memories for the birthday girl!

Jennifer Juniper said...

A perfect girly party...nothing you'd see over my way!