Thursday, October 8, 2009

Custom Make Your Own Puzzles

As a room Mom for the 5th grade, I was assigned the task of planning for Halloween. The teachers at my kid's school had asked for something different. Their thought is that the kids get way too much candy and treats anyway, so let's NOT stuff their treat bags with sugar. They also wanted some activities. We came up with a "Brain Bag". These bags will contain things like pencils, a coupon for a book at the book fair, erasers, and the like. I made this custom search-a-word puzzle for the kids. Did you know that you can make all sorts of puzzles for FREE? Try this site. It's so fun for the kids to find their own name in a puzzle, or the name of their teacher.

I printed the puzzle, then stamped it with a pumpkin to add some color. I then rolled the sheets and secured it with a sparkly sticker. How's that for a Treat?

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Jennifer Juniper said...

I'm totally for junky treat bags. You only live once and a little candy never killed anyone. BUT as far as a brain bag goes, it's pretty cool.