Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Passport Photos: Worse Than Driver's License Photos

I always like to have a current passport.  It's like Freedom in a little blue book.  As in, if a friend asks: "Hey do you want to go to Costa Rica next week?", I can say: "Why YES, I have a passport!". 

It seems that always having a little kid/baby has gotten in the way of me keeping my passport current.  Well, thanks to my kid, and potential hockey tournaments in Canada, I am well on my way to getting a fresh blue book. 

The lady who took my picture told me not to smile.  Apparently teeth interfere with face recognition software. (I'm not kidding.) All I can think of is that if anything happens to me, THIS is the picture of me that will be flashed across the news (The picture to the far right is the current one).  I look so miserable that no one will want to help me.  They'll think: "She's got such a sour disposition, she got what she deserves".  

I think I'm smiling in my driver's license photo, so if anything happens to me, be a friend, and request that the authorities use that one!


the treat girl said...

Tooooooooooooooooo funny!!!! Your hair in the first one looks JUST like mine in my passport photo from high school!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I went back 2 times to retake my photo for my passport, I know it's vain, but smiling is the only thing that hides all the crows feet and laugh lines that stick around AFTER I'm done smiling! Yikes!