Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wouldn't You Stop?

So if you were driving along and you happened across a dozen or so 10 foot tall wild boars made from cement, wouldn't you stop?  You know I would!  The owner had all sorts of interesting things made from cement.  Little garden ornaments, as well as religious stautues, stepping stones, planters and benches of all kinds. I was even more interested given my recent experience with my own cement sand casting.  (Don't get your heart set on these wild boars though, they are already SOLD, just sitting here, being "Aged" to get just the right patina for the owner.

This creative cement expert does a lot of custom work, which includes sinks, and countertops.  He makes planters to line city streets, and he makes them look bronze.  He is also an expert faux finisher.  Just look at this looks like petrified wood!

I was glad that the boars stopped me in my tracks!


Jennifer Juniper said...

Though I love the bench, I can't think of a single place I could put those giant boars without looking like an eclectic freak. And that's putting it nicely! They are amazing though!

the treat girl said...

Where was this???? I surely would have stopped too!!!

janet said...

You bet I would stop!!!! I would line my Really long driveway with those bad boys and start counting all the cars that slowed down in front of my home....Lol!
Wonder who the buyer is and what his plans are for these....they obviously have a good sense of humor.

Thanks for sharing,

Stitchfork said...

Absolutely would stop to see this! But I am even more curious as to where they are going...