Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bank Some Happiness

I was scrolling through my camera and my phone pictures this morning.  Any time I need a little happiness, I take a peek back through all of the funny and sweet and silly things that I've taken pictures of. 

I realized that I often take non-traditional photos.  Ones that are of the everyday goofiness and chaos and crazy that makes me happy.  Instead of only dragging your camera out on "special occasions" to take orderly family photos, keep it in your bag and take a picture of anything that makes you smile.  You'll love scrolling back through all of the captured moments.

The above is a picture of my daughter's chalky foot. Taken while in the midst of filling my driveway with art work.

Don't you just love blue candy?

Make your son feel like a Superhero even if he's just doing his math homework!

Um, well if you happen to run across a polar bear pelt, have your daughter stand in front of it's head and make a funny face!

Stick a piece of corn where your tooth used to be.

Take foam squares and stick them randomly to your face.

Take a picture of your elbow.  It really does look like...well, you know.

And how about this super happy toothless grin! It makes me smile!


Stitchfork said...

Those are the BEST kinds of pictures! Never been a fan of those posed stiff shots.

Deanna said...


Jennifer Juniper said...

What a minute...is that elbow picture the one we sent to you-know-who? HA! Love it :)