Monday, April 11, 2011

Horses in Pittsburgh

I was at a bakery in Lawrenceville recently.  I'm a sucker for a bakery.  I'll plan a day around a visit. 

So, the kids and I stopped at Dozen on a saturday morning, and on the way back to the car, I looked up and noticed the graceful horse that was above a beautiful arched doorway.  Upon further inspection, there was a date of 1888 in a brick keystone.  I'm sure this building used to be a stable. 

I loved the swirly carving at his neck, the aged look in his eye, and the moss on his nose.   He looks so magestic.

I remembered that I took his picture as I was thinking about what to get for my sister in law's birthday.  She runs a horse farm, and I never know what to get for her.   So. I made a canvas print for her of this photograph. 

Here's how you can produce an equally amazing canvas wrapped gift, or something perfect for your walls:

1.) Upload your photo to Picnik. Use all of their really cool photo effects to create and perfect the look of your photo.

2.) Go to Canvas On Demand, upload your newly created photo, and select which size canvas you'd like and how you'd like it wrapped or framed.

3.) Before you check out on Canvas On Demand, go to Retail Me Not for a discount code.  20april will get you 20% off!

Here's what I ordered:

I hope she loves it!


Deanna said...

It would be interesting to find the history on that building. It's a beautiful horse! How were the cupcakes and what flavors did you get?

Jennifer Juniper said...

I love how Deanna gets right to the point...sooo, what cupcakes did you get?

the treat girl said...

You always have the most fabulous gift ideas!!!!!! I haven't been to Dozen in FOR.EVER...and yep, I wanna know what cupcakes you got and how were they too??? Last time I was there I remember thinking I wouldn't rush back....