Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Shout Out to the Kings

I just found out about a new reality show called  "Farm Kings".  It's airing this fall on Great American County's cable network.  It's about a local farm family with 10 children (9 boys, 1 girl) making a living at farming.  I've seen "the boys" around the town where I grew up, mostly at Tractor Supply.

The reality show focuses on the hard work and dedication to a way of life that is hard to understand unless you've lived it.  The brothers have built quite a business supplying local produce at their own farm stand, selling to local restaurants, and adding baked goods from their own bakery to their offerings. 

Their message is to buy local and support local farmers.  Their hope is to make farming "cool".  I sincerely smile when I wish them the best of luck.  Their unorthodox "beefcake" style will capture attention, and I think their message comes through loud and clear.

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Stitchfork said...

Saw the preview show and loved it! Have to admire their dedication and work ethic. I go out of my way to buy their produce!