Tuesday, June 3, 2008


"Think again about sustainability, reconsider the possibilities. From small to big, the choices are all around us. It isn't long before you see that every choice can become a considered one, and they all add up to something bigger. They add up to constant renewal and reinvention, to a world where you think twice about sustainability. " I read this on a box of shoes that I had recently gotten for my son. It really hits home. I find that everyday, more and more, I am trying to be a more earth-friendly person/family. I am buying more based on recycleability. I get mad when products are over-packaged. I realize I have a LONG way to go, but it's on my mind. I want to do my part to leave a fresh and clean world for my kids.

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the treat girl said...

What an interesting thing to put on a shoe box!!!!!...but I am totally right there with you!!!!...I am soooo into recycling!!!...I even got a book for Carson about it!!!....and those plastic bags are crazy!!!...thanks for doing your part and teaching your children better habits, I truly believe it all helps! Rock on!