Thursday, June 19, 2008

Woot it Up! It's a Woot-Off!

There are a few sites that I check daily when I jump on the computer for a few know: e-mail, friend's blogs, etc. One I always check is This site somehow means "one day, one deal". Everyday, they offer one item (usually electronic in nature) at a great deal. Several of my Christmas gifts last year were from woot. I got my brother an (apparently awesome) MP3 player that should have exceeded the gift budget, but I found it here. I had to explain to my brother that I got caught up in the Woot! The people at woot are apparently way too hip for me, or maybe just plain whacko, so save yourself some time and skip the banter about the product and scroll down to product specifications for the real info. on the item.

Today is a Woot OFF! Any time there are flashing lights (the K-mart kind, only yellow) on the screen, it's a woot-off. Which means that as soon as the deal is sold out, they move on to the next deal. Keep refreshing your screen all day for the latest. Usually at the end of the woot-off is a brown bag for $5. Called a bag of crap....if you can get one, do so! I've read that people have gotten some awesome things in their bags of crap. This is usually when their servers crash too, so good luck!

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