Saturday, January 10, 2009

Everyone I Know is Reading a Good Book.

My daughter got a fancy bookmark for Christmas because she's a big reader...The wheels start turning...My house is full of Beautiful Glass Beads, thanks to my talented husband....Hmmm...I've been looking to expand my line...more housewares...wider audience...
The Joy Beadworks Bookmark has been born! I thought it would make an excellent gift by itself, or with a book, or with a gift card to a book store. They are all handmade and each is unique. It's an excellent way to show someone that you care enough to choose something for them that they will really enjoy.
They are available in my shop:


the treat girl said...

I'm telling you what! are turning into the marketing guru over there!!!...I know I'll be seeing you and jennifer juniper on Donny Deutche's show "The Big Idea"!

Jennifer Juniper said...

You are so smart!!!