Friday, January 16, 2009

I have been tagged...

I have been tagged by my talented friend over at Hope Studios. Here's what it means: You have to 1.) Write 6 Random things about yourself, and then 2.) Send this to 6 (possibly) random people!

Well, here goes: Hope Studios specializes in random, but I'll do my best:

1.) I love anything that is a complete contrast, for example, this fire pit that my husband got going last night so that the kids who were out sledding in sub-zero temperatures would have somewhere to get warm! 2.) I, unfortunately, know what lizard puke smells like. My son has a bearded dragon that seems to vomit a lot.

3.) I once participated in a backhoe rodeo and placed 3rd in the women's division. In a backhoe rodeo, participants move buckets and other objects with a backhoe in a timed event.

4.) The one noise that makes me nuts is windshield wipers skidding across a somewhat dry windshield. (And smearing the dirt in the process.)

5.) I can identify and use most tools in a woodshop...I built a grandfather clock in high school.

6.) I always think of Spring as "Mud Season" thanks to Toot and Puddle.


Jennifer Juniper said...

Yay!!! You do random well!

the treat girl said...

very nice!!!

Diver Daisy said...

You tagged me so I came to read who you were :) Thanks for the kind message. I have put you in my bookmarks. photo daisy :)