Saturday, May 23, 2009

Super Fast, Easy, and Oh So Addictively Delicious

The kids were clamoring around the other day, after painting, playing soccer in the yard, putting their feet in the pond, they were bored. They wanted to make cookies. I did not have any butter out (as in left on the counter so that it is precisely the right consistency to whip up something amazing). I scrambled and mentally went through my arsenal in the pantry. I had flour tortilla shells! Cinnamon Crisps, Oh Yeah!
The trick is to butter the flour tortillas with oh so little butter. Almost scrape them dry. The whole purpose is to allow just enough butter so that the Cinnamon and sugar will stick.
Then sprinkle them with liberal amounts of Cinnamon and sugar and cut into wedges with a pizza cutter.

Bake at 350 for 7-8 minutes until crispy. Eat them outside if you can. The sugar crumbs off. They are so good. I promise you will love them.

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the treat girl said...

My niece made fruit salsa and served these exact things with it!! She chopped strawberries, kiwi, berries and apples very fine and added a few spoonfuls of raspberry jam to it......then you scooped it up with the cinnamon tortillas. yummy.yum.yum!!!!!!