Monday, February 1, 2010

Big Love

Valentines Day is another "Rite of Passage" holiday for kids.  In my mind, it carries the same weight as Halloween.  And we all know how much planning, and preparation, and mind-changing happens at Halloween. 

Valentine's Day is all about decorating the ever important Valentine's Box.  It has to be "just so".  And, the even more important cards.  It's always a huge decision making process for them to decide who gets which Valentine card.  And when the kids get home from school on that day, it's fun to listen to them speculate as to why they got the cute kitten card from a boy that is funny, and other significant details that they notice. 

My daughter decided to cut some felt "love letters" for her box this year.  She stitched the L and the O, then ran out of steam.  I stitched  the V and the E.  I "loved" how htey looked on my windowsill yesterday with the sun streaming in. 

What kind of Valentine's Prep are you up to? 


marzipanmom said...

Annie announced that she wants to make all her cards this year - heart shaped of course! I thought it would be cute to include a homemade heart-shaped marshmallow covered in pink sprinkles and Annie said we should put the marshmallow on a lollipop stick...she was so excited about the project! (and I am too!)

Jennifer Juniper said...

Zero valentine prep in a house full of boys. They don't even know it's coming up. We'll get blindsided when they realize they need to make a box for school.

the treat girl said...

We're done over here....Cubby is VERY into holidays...he had his valentines done last week and the treat bags for his class filled Sunday.....and he's missing the party at school :( He insisted I get the decorations up over the weekend......just gotta get Chip in the spirit!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is SO girls! I remember how choosing JUST the right Valentine was such an ordeal for me growing up. My sons? Just sign their name straight down the line of cards, don't bother looking at them at all. It's a chore to endure until they get to receive candy from their classmates!

Rodell said...

Hey, thanks for signing up to follow I'm happy to reciprocate at joybeadworks. I'm enjoying nosing around the site. You have some lovely stuff and sentiments here.

Have a great day!


Chris R.