Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Did You Know You Could Make a Puzzle from a Photo?

My Mom has been crazy about "having a puzzle going" all winter.  I think ever since she heard that Barbara and George Bush frequently do puzzles together, she has been validated that this is a legitimate, even desirable thing.  The winter days are long, as we know, and she really enjoys finding a few pieces here and there.  Sometimes she saves the last 6 pieces for the kids so that they can complete the puzzle...now if that's not love...

You can order your own at http://www.portraitpuzzles.com/, or any number of other sites.  Portrait Puzzles does have a very nice selection of sizes, and I particularly liked the "gift tin" option.  It was a great gift idea.


Stitchfork said...

Huge puzzle fans in this family! Usually have one ongoing on the dining room table most days of the year. Always a competition as to who gets to put in the last piece.
xo Cathy

the treat girl said...

ooooooohh! I have soooo wanted to do this and forgot about it! As a matter of fact I brought a puzzle up to my Dad's over Christmas break, but it was waaaaaaaaay to hard for us, one of those ones without a square edge...whoops! I'll be sure to make one for next year. And I love that your mom saves the few pieces for you guys...my dad always hid 2 or 3 and we'd all be mad that they were lost!