Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is BETTER Than a Zoo, Ripley's, and a furniture store

My son broke his tooth off sledding this past weekend.  As a result of an extreme case of motherly angst, the Dentist came in on his day off monday.  He was able to "fix" my son's tooth by bonding it.  My son thinks it's "perfect".  Moms are a little more descriminating, but it's WAY better than how it looked sunday evening.  So, for that I am grateful.

Making a long story long, my 11 year old and I were in downtown Pittsburgh at noon, with hours to kill before picking up the rest of the kids at school at 3pm. 

I remembered a place I've been wanting to visit.  It's very out of the way, and I would never be in this neighborhood for any other reason.  I thought it was a furniture store.  My son was less than thrilled. 

The trauma begins here....This is the "before" picture of my son's front tooth.

Here is the "after".  Thank God for great, talented, flexible, and understanding dentists!

And so we headed to Artifacts, it is located in Pittsburgh's West End.  Just look at this giant room full of rugs! Overwhelming to say the least.

The furiture was truly unbelieveable.  The carved tables, chests, mirrors.  It was impossible to take it all in. The dining room table where the dwarves are dining (?) is easily 15X15!

And now for the oddities:  Anyone need a stuffed gizzly?  only $22,000!

A polar bear pelt? This is a bargain at $7000.

I was so amazed and stunned and overwhelmed with the place I forgot to include the giraffe and the 13 foot python!  You really must see this place yourself!


Jennifer Juniper said...

I'm not kidding when I say that every time I see my kids horsing around I yell "Be careful! You'll knock your tooth out!" I like to think of it as the "You'll shoot your eye out." of my household.

I've heard of Artifacts but never been there. Not even sure where I heard of it...

marzipan said...

Sounds like a field trip to me! Let's go girls!

the treat girl said...

Oh my!!!!!!!!! One of my worst fears!!!!!! I'm in.....Artifacts here we come!