Friday, January 14, 2011

The Letter Project

I have been working on a project with the 5th graders at school.  Every year, our school has an annual auction which serves as a fundraiser.  Each grade level is asked to produce an item to be auctioned off. 

I know I've got a lot going on right now, and I really don't have time for this, but somehow I get an idea, and I just can't let it go.  It turns out that maybe having something "fun" to look forward to makes it easier to "get through" all of the other stuff on my list. 

So, here's the project:  Finding Architectural Alphabet Letters around school. 

I took some examples in to show the kids what we were looking for ( the letter B in the entryway door, for example).  Then, each student chose a capital or a lower case letter of the alphabet to find.  I've been going in at recess to have the kids point out their letter so we can photograph it.  We have been having so much fun!  The teachers have been assigned letters too.  Currently, we have are on "all out search mode" for the letters: a, and R. 

Capital Q on a post in the playground

Xavier found and X on the bottom of his chair

Lower case i in the flagpole

Capital V in the roof of the playground building

Peter found a P in the slide

And if you could have seen the expression of recognition on the boy's face who couldn't for the life of him find a letter E, you'd know why I'm doing this project.  It's all about having the kids look at things in a different way, from a different angle, in a new light.  What a great lesson.

I have plans to edit all of my images in a sepia tone and create a message board of sorts.  I'll be so excited to share the finished project!


Stitchfork said...

This is a stellar idea and project. Don't you love the look when the light bulb comes on over their head?!!
xo Cathy

Jennifer Juniper said...

Very cool. I always love this project :)