Wednesday, July 30, 2008


You'd think I really like chinese food for as many fortune cookies that I quote, but I actually ALWAYS order that same thing (Steamed vegetables, no water chesnuts, brown sauce and add cashews).

My fortune is appropriate today and I'm using it as a springboard for and enlightening and unforgettable trip: "Sometimes travel to new places leads to great transformation".

I'll have lots of blog-fodder when I get back!


the treat girl said...

We just had Chen's last night as well!!!!.....but ever since the kids were little and they asked me to read them their fortune, I've always made something up....either very corny, or something they really wanted!.....the older ones can read their own now, but I still have Carson to pull it over on!!......have a terrific trip!!!

marzipanmom said...

Have a great time and take lots of pictures! I can't wait to hear about it when you get back!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Okay, no offense, but that is the worst chinese order I ever heard!!! Where's the fat, the sodium??? Anyway, have a great time, lots of blogging when you get home!