Monday, July 21, 2008

Joy Beadworks New Mom Ring

I had a recent order for a New Mom ring. I started to think about how when you get engaged, you sit there all day at work and gaze at your engagement ring and intentionally twist it in the light so that it will sparkle when you answer the phone.

I thought that there should be something similar for when you find out that you are pregnant, or are just so excited about finding out that you are having a boy or a girl. I created a New Mom ring so that you can share the news or just as something for you as a constant reminder of the little one who will bring so much Joy.

I really liked this Mom's approach, in addition to the New Mom pink girl bead, she ordered Party It Up Purple! I admire her for her sense of optimism. What an adventure.


the treat girl said...

What a terrific idea!!!.....I love it and be sure to give one to a the next new mommy to be that I hear of!!!!!

marzipanmom said...

I get compliments on my ring all the time. What a great gift for expectant moms!