Thursday, July 3, 2008

Here's a Vacation Tradition

Every year we come to this beach which is full of such natural treasure. Every year we collect it all and clean it, and sort it into piles, and identify it all. We are very snobby shell collectors and will only stoop for a perfect shell, and even at that, the more common varieties get the blind eye. We go for the "hard to find" and "rare" shells on the chart.

Every year we end our trip with a little "shell art". I pick up something (usually from the dollar store) and encrust it with this trip's treasures. The family usually does this together, but I was the only one to complete the craft this year. Oh, they helped, with comments like "no, not that one, not there" or, "hey, I found that one".

So here's where the fun comes in. This little shell art is usually a contest. The members of the vacationing party decorate their object (one year it was a salt and pepper set)....and leave it at the rental house. You WIN when some other visitor thought your object was nice enough to slip into their bag on the way out.The winner(s) are determined when we return and find our things missing.

Here's to this one getting stolen!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

Ha! Way to turn that little annoyance upside down!