Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Free Falling

Ok, so we are back from vacation. I swear, there' a week of stressful prep. beforehand. Then, a week of free fall after...trying to grab at the various components of our schedule and piece it together. I'm still looking for things that the kids can't locate. (important, expensive things, like and ipod....)
It didn't help that our flight home was delayed and we got in at 2am, the bags were not delivered until 1am the following day (come on, who delivers 5 bags at 1am on a monday morning?) I had a family member not feeling so great upon our return, and immediate company from out of town to entertain.
It may be August before I feel settled again!!! (Then school will kick in and my world will swirl again.)
Any good advice from any of my fabulous girlfriends would be appreciated!


Jennifer Juniper said...

just dig in and get the laundry done and some semblance of a schedule down...and quick! Oh, and lunch with me will help tremedously!

the treat girl said...

Just take a deep breath!!! are truly worth it...although it does seem pretty lopsided for us girlfriends out there!!!.....we get it all shopped for, packed, take care of the pets, stop the mail, cover whos watering the plants etc....we still do a ton of crap while we're away and then come home to equally more crap!!!....unpacking, laundry, going through the mail and letting the kids know that everyday isn't going to be a "blockbuster"!!