Thursday, August 7, 2008

Alaskan Adventure

A grand Alaskan Adventure by Train!
We even panned for gold! I'm not sure how you could ever get addicted to this...I was annoyed when there wasn't a huge hunk in my second pan.
This is a grizzly bear....we saw 6 of these guys...gladly from a distance. Saw 2 more black bears.
Never discount traveling by train....This is the dome car. Very fun to ride on the second story with just a piece of glass between you and the sky.
This is Mt. McKinley in Danali National Park...I learned later that only 20% of the people who visit actually get to see the mountain because of the cloud cover and weather up there. This picture was taken in the very same place that Ansel Adams took his famous picture of the mountain on a still morning, reflecting into this lake.

Overall, an awe inspiring place. A great trip to a true wilderness.


marzipanmom said...

Welcome home! It looks like your new camera is working well! - great pictures! and a vacation the kids will always remember...

Jennifer Juniper said...

So glad I got to sneak a peak into the trip...not sure I couldn've done it!