Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Sweet Treat

There's nothing like a morning at the dentist for 5 teeth cleanings/checks to send me straight to the Bakery! Ok, so the kids were all so well behaved, everyone there commented on them. No one even came close to having a cavity...in fact they were labeled "good brushers" . So, an awesome cupcake/brownie wasn't going to hurt anyone. A little coffee for Mom....

We went to Vanilla Pastry Studio, which just moved to the up-and-coming West End of Pittsburgh.
It was amazing as usual. To be fair, I also enjoy a much more local place called Sweet House in Mars. The owners of each establishment once worked together..I don't care to get into the politics of it, they are both good bakeries.

Oh, how I appreciate some excellent dessert!


marzipanmom said...

What goodie did you sample at Vanilla Pastry? I definitely see that as a great "girls' field trip" destination this fall. Glad to hear of the good dental reports!

the treat girl said...

ditto on the field trip!!!!!!....cupcakes for me!!!