Sunday, August 10, 2008

Here's a Pre-School Goodie

So, it's 9am Sunday morning, and my kids have been up since the crack-O-dawn (there is some sort of well known Mom phenomenon that every Mom knows: No matter what time the kids go to bed, they always get up at the same time.)
Anyway, we've made brownies, did an "experiment" with a big bowl of soapy water and food coloring (mental note: add food coloring to the grocery list).
Then I remembered this pre-school goodie: Shaving cream on a cookie sheet. We started out making letters in the shaving cream (as every Mom knows, it's August and school is is the Mom guilt of not doing enough over the summer to prepare them for the year ahead). So, exasperatingly quickly, the letter making ceased at B, and the sheets became snowstorms for Matchbox Cars. Now, they are volcanoes, and my table is covered with shaving cream, and my kitchen smells of a mix of baking brownies and Barbasol (not good).
But, they are having fun, and that's what summer is about. I guess I'll try again next week with the school prep.

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Jennifer Juniper said...

If you put soap in the water then blow it into big bubbles with a straw, you can drip on food coloring then lay a sheet of paper on top you can make bubble art!