Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Treat Girl!

The weekend started off just right with a Birthday Event for our very own Treat Girl. I designated myself as the driver, so that we could all go out downtown together. I thought that since the party was essentially, going to take place in my car, that I should decorate it! I used chalk paint to draw cupcakes, polka dots and obnoxious requests!
Inside, I strung a homemade banner. I punched out the letters for "Happy Birthday"and clip art of lots of cupcakes, and hung them from a garland that I wrapped around the ceiling of the car. The inside was just as gaudy as the outside! Perfect for a Treat Girl Party!

Here's Treat Girl's gift. The standard girlfriend gift guide was in place: No more than $10 should be spent, and the gift should be homemade. I made a fused glass cupcake ring (with the help of my immensely talented husband). These fused glass and wooden rings are available in my shop. Request a cupcake if you'd like!

We went out to Enrico Biscotti's for a Big Italian Throwdown! Twice a month, Enrico hosts a dinner at his shop. You essentially eat in the kitchen at a long communal table. The place was packed, and dinner was endless. Just when you were stuffed, they would bring out another course. We answered thought provoking questions from Juniper's "Girl's Night Out" card deck.

And, here is our Treat Girl with a beautiful frame from Juniper. Imagine, it has a cupcake!
A terrific and very fun night was had by all. Thank you to all of my beautiful friends.


the treat girl said...

Thank you Miss Joy......I'm still glowing!!! And guess what!? You're next!!!!!!! :)

marzipanmom said...

Thanks for organizing a terrific evening! The decorated car was a stroke of genius!

Jennifer Juniper said...

That really was fun and you planned it to the T!