Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Birthday at Cabbage Key

My only birthday request was that we go to one of my favorite places, Cabbage Key, for lunch. There there are no cars there, it is an island in the Gulf of Mexico. Getting there requires a boat. Life happens at a much slower pace on islands, I have found. The daily requirements are simplified to sunscreen and water. The place exudes a strong sense of community and an air of self reliance. The sign out front says that this is where Jimmy Buffet was inspired to write "Cheeseburger in Paradise".

The bar requires a bit of an explanation: (I have heard a few versions of this story, but this one is my favorite.) It is said that when a fisherman would have a good day fishing out here, and he had made some money, he would tack a dollar bill on the wall of the bar while he was there knocking back a few. When the fishing wasn't so great, the fisherman could still have a beer by pulling down a dollar and using the money that he had "banked".

As a result of this "tradition" , the walls (and the ceilings, and the door jams, and everywhere else) in the bar are absolutely thick with money. Dollar bills with people's names and dates are written all over them. Most are US Dollars, but there are quite a few foreign currencies. I saw a dollar from Saudi Arabia, and one from Australia on this wall. The whole scene is mind boggling at first. There is money taped everywhere. (They had to put up a sign that asks the patrons NOT to tape money to the piano!).

The kids each put up a dollar...won't it be fun to come back and find it again!?


the treat girl said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Looks like you had fun celebrating!

marzipanmom said...

Happy Birthday! That place looks interesting! How's the food there?

Jennifer Juniper said...

They have a place just like this called No Name Pub on Big Pine Key. I love going and looking for our dollars from years past. Imagine if there was ever a fire!