Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm back to my Machine

Yes, sewing, that is. I've been pretty busy lately with sleep overs, kids birthday parties, end of school stuff, doctor check ups and the like. But, if that machine is on the counter, I seem to always make time. Here's a brief list of my most recent projects.

My daughter had two pair pants that were favorite #1, and favorite #2. Within a month before the end of school, she had put the knees out in both of them. We are all such sensible Mom's and buying more pants for the remaining month or so, seemed ridiculous. So, she limped through her last school days on her two remaining pairs of pants (not her favorites).

I decided to make lemonade out of lemons, er,... Bermudas out of pants. Enough time had passed, and she thought that I had gotten her two entirely new pairs of shorts. Score one for Mom.
The Treat Girl had made a few skirts for Juniper for her birthday. I loved the pattern, so I borrowed it. I made this super cute skirt for myself. I have to tell you that the picture does this no justice.
I even lined it! (I'm hearing some distant ooooh's!)

Then, I made this cute sundress for my daughter. They have this easy as pie fabric that already has the elastic top. All you have to do is sew one seam. I took a little fabric from the bottom, and made some thin straps for this dress. She's so proud of it, she picked the fabric herself.

I packed up the sewing machine yesterday, so maybe I'll be able to concentrate on everything else that needs done.


Jennifer Juniper said...

Very cute and crafty of you! You could make a whole wardrobe on vacation :)

the treat girl said...

oooooohhhh!!!!!!! love all you're super cute new stuff!!! And the bermuda shorts trick is fabulous!!!