Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Daughter's Typewriter

My daughter has always been intrigued with the written word. She was an early reader, has always loved books, and spends hours writing a playing with fonts.

One day she pulled me over to the computer to show me something on Ebay. It was a typewriter. I took a look, and realized that she had several (over several days) marked as "watching". Now, typewriters on Ebay can be inexpensive, but shipping these heavy things is NOT. A typewriter? Who knew she even knew what one was, let alone she wanted one?

We went to a yard sale several days later. To my astonishment, they had this grand old typewriter. It was the end of the day, and the sellers were packing up, they let my daughter purchase it for 1/2 off: $15. Plus, they threw in the table for free (see yesterday's post).

My daughter just loves it for some reason. The smack of the keys, the slightly uneven lettering.

I was browsing through my mail yesterday, and came across the new Pottery Barn catalog.

I had to hunt my daughter down and show her these items from the latest catalog.

Apparently, she's got an eye for design as well.

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