Friday, April 23, 2010

Babies, Babies, Everywhere! What Do They Need?

It seems that these things come all at once: weddings and babies.  You know, you haven't been to a wedding in ages, and all of a sudden, you are invited to 3! In my extended family, we are having babies.  I've got cousins on all sides having new little ones.  I've got showers to attend in some cases, and gifts that I need  to send in others.
I love looking at all of this little cute stuff again.  (My baby is 5).

My question is this:  What was/is your favorite thing for your baby?  A piece of equipment, or a meaningful gift. It could be just a huge array of onsies that wore like iron.  I'm looking for ideas here.

One of my all time, can't live without (at the time) things for baby was a backpack carrier like this one:
Those front slings made my back ache, but, a properly worn backpack puts all of the weight on your hips.  I found them to be very comfortable, and the kids just loved their birds-eye view.  Plus, I liked the extra benefits of some weight training to help me lose the pregnancy pounds.  I must admit that I am a stroller hater.  They take up so much space, they are awkward and clumsy. Just try to get through a department store aisle at Christmas time and you'll know what I mean.  I'd plop my kids in the backpack and go like the wind.

I have found that not everyone is a backpack lover though.  I've even heard the words: "contraption", and "no way" uttered about my beloved backpack.

What was your favorite baby thing?  I need to buys some gifts people, and I need some good ideas!
(I have 2 boys and a girl to buy for, all from different families).


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

My favorite gift when I had my babies? The meal. The meal brought in from which my family culled leftovers! This is what I give all new moms because I remember how MUCH it meant to me.

bobby said...

Well...the gift I love to give is something I hand knit....I usually use cashmere because it soooooooo soft for the wee little ones and you hardly use any of it so it's not toooo expensive....but when Cubby was little those little Robeez (sp?) shoes were the best!!! All soft leather and tons of cute style to pick from...Pair it up with a gift card so they can get diapers and you're good to it's easy to send :)

bobby said...

What????? the second comment that says "bobby" is from me...thetreatgirl.......who's bobby and how did that happen????!!!

the treat girl said...

Okay........I'm on our home computer cuz my laptop is in the shop and there's different settings here........gotta sign in with my google account....wheh!!!! Glad I figured that one out!!

PS.........I'm having the kiddos design their beads this weekend :)

Kate Carney said...

The perfect gift I received was a diaper wipe warmer. It wrapped around the wipes box. I don't even know if they still make these (my baby is 13). The other item that at first I thought "another one?" were blankets. I found that I could never have enough baby blankets. I received several made just for me and several store bought. Loved them all.