Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sharing My "Finds"

I promised you that I'd share what I was able to find at the warehouse sale last week.  It was busier than ever, and Juniper and I had to wait in line just to get in.   We kept wondering why there was a limit on the number of people allowed in. We didn't think there was any kind of fire code in an open air tent.  
Crowd control must have been their goal. But, we were an orderly bunch. Although numerous. The racks were jammed in, people were carrying boxes to fill, pushing them in front of themselves.
There were women following workers trying to unload even more goods off of trucks, like they had saved the best stuff until last. My favorite part is the "dressing area" though.  It's basically the lawn of the office building.  This is where everything gets tried on, Juniper and I noticed some new signs this year though, on the Outside of the windows, they said:  "Yes, we CAN see you".  I guess they got an eye-full last year!

Here is a short list of my "finds".  The above sparkly earrings for around 18 cents.

This bag for $1.  I thought it would be a great overnight bag for my 7 year old.

Check out this cute chunky sweater. I love it with a cami underneath.

And my ALL TIME FAVORITES: These boots!  Yes, Boots!  Aren't they fun?  My daughter just absolutely hates them, and made me promise to NOT wear them if I'm around her, and it goes without saying that if her friends saw me in them, she'd keel over in embarrassment.   I think this means they're good, right?  
Somehow I think they're funny, and perfect for a rainy day.


Jennifer Juniper said...

Aha! Now we know they are a good find! Total child embarrassment is our goal, after all :)

the treat girl said...

I loooooooooove the bag...for ME!!! And the boots are a hoot!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Well done!
The office sign cracks me up.