Monday, April 26, 2010

All Eggs Are Not Created Equal

My egg supplier, my Mom, has been busy.  Or should I say that her chickens have been busy.  My Mom has about 40 chickens, and sells free range, organic eggs.  The eggs are placed in a cooler with ice every morning, and then Mom drops them off down by the road, at a very sweet "egg stand" that my brother made for her.  It's just a little shelter that holds the cooler. Customers are on their honor to leave the $1.50 for the dozen eggs. 

It seems that more and more people are driving up the driveway now, if the cooler is empty.  It's not uncommon for my Mom to go and gather the eggs for a customer that is waiting in the yard with their car running.

I stopped out on Saturday, and there was a customer waiting.  It turns out that he runs a local restaurant, and was so pleased to have found my mom and the fresh eggs.  He was wanting to strike up a deal right then and there for first dibs on daily eggs.  Mom has way too many loyal customers for that, so she told him he'd have to take his chances, like everyone else.

  So, when I asked for a dozen eggs before I left, Mom and I laughed about what she gave me!  Seconds!  These are the unsaleable eggs:  too small, or lumpy or odd to sell.

They're all just as good on the inside though.  I used them for breakfast yesterday .Thanks, Mom!


Jennifer Juniper said...

I was about to say "Your mom lays eggs?!?" heh :)

the treat girl said...

Can you believe I have NEVER gotten eggs fresh from a farm before??????? Gotta put that on my list! :)