Monday, May 3, 2010

Going on a Treasure Hunt

I went on a Treasure Hunt this week.  Juniper was on a tear, needing something special.  She was sure that she'd find it at the city's architectural salvage place.  It's called Constuction Junction.  They've got lots of amazing things .  Let me share a few: 

Look at this ceiling tin!  I see loads of possibility here.  The edges are sharp, and everything is mostly pretty dirty, and there are signs warning of lead paint, but let's just look past that, and see only potential.

Look at these great burlap coffee sacks.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with mine, but I'll enjoy researching some possibilities.  And, by the way, since when is coffee from Germany?

Here's Juniper digging for her own $1.50 worth of project fun.

How about some paint, Dude!

And where ever would you find a wax cast of a menorah? I bet you couldn't find one if you were looking.

And because I took my little guy, I came home with $2.25 worth of stuff that I could easily find in my garage, or recycle bin.  But, he had fun gathering all of this treasure for himself, he wants to build a rocket out of it.  The plans are all laid out in his head.

I need some ideas on what to do with the burlap.  Do you have any?


Jennifer Juniper said...

That was fun :) I'm posting about out trip on Wednesday!

Jennifer Juniper said...

"our trip" I meant to say!