Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Coming Across Some Inspiration

I had to go pick up my oldest from camp this past weekend, so we tied in a quick weekend trip to visit relatives.  We fit in an action-packed day full of non-stop activity.  Here are some things that we saw along the way.  Not, typical scenic shots, but some ideas about how to see things differently that I thought were intriguing. 

We went to a museum where they had a pretty extensive shell collection.  They basically hot glued these shells to fishing line, and back-lit them.  I think even without the backlight, it's a great idea!

We stopped at a cafe and had lunch.  Instead of standard curtains, they laid these fancy linens over the curtain rod.  They are all vintage table runners, and embroidered napkins. It looked perfect in this trendy lunch spot.

And how about this:  This floor mosaic was made by cutting stones in half, and then using the flat sides to create these fern-like leaves.  I'm not really sure how I'd replicate this one, unless someone I know owns a tile saw, and I'm pretty sure I may need to buy an extra diamond-tip blade, but it sure would be fun!

And speaking of inspiration, My Cement Birdbath made from Skunk Cabbage is featured this week at All Thingz Related! Look in the sidebar for me, but look eveywhere else for some other great ideas!

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